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rupes-yellow-polish best-car-polish
RUPES DA Fine Polish
Sale priceFrom $16.25
clay-lubricant-spray quick-detailer-spray
Stinger Chemical Showroom Shine
Sale priceFrom $29.99
rupes-all-in-one-compound rupes-one-step-sealant
car-wax-and-shine carnauba-wax
Stinger Chemical Wax & Shine
Sale priceFrom $39.99
3d-car-care-polishes-speed-32-ounces 3d-car-care-polishes-speed-8-ounces
3D Speed Car Polish
Sale priceFrom $23.99
3d-car-care-one-step-cutting-compound-and-finishing-polish 3d-one-compound
3D One Compound
Sale priceFrom $19.99
advanced-maintenance-polish rupes-uno-advanced-standalone-maintenance-and-protection-polish-1000-ml
RUPES UNO Advanced Polish
Sale priceFrom $18.00
ultrafine-polish-from-rupes rupes-uno-pure-ultra-finishing-polish
RUPES UNO Pure Polish
Sale priceFrom $14.00
car-wax liquid-car-wax
banana-wax carnauba-creme-wax
Stinger Chemical Beenana Wax
Sale priceFrom $29.99
final-finish-wax leveling-wax
Stinger Chemical Diamond Shine
Sale priceFrom $29.99
sprayable-car-wax express-detailer-can
rupes-rotary-polish rupes-rotary-fine
RUPES Rotary Fine Polish
Sale priceFrom $13.00
3d-car-care-poxy-polish-422-32-ounce-container 3d-car-care-poxy-polish-422-8-ounce-container
3D Poxy High Gloss Hybrid Sealant
Sale priceFrom $19.99
stinger-chemical-hi-tech-wax enhancer-spray-aerosol-can spray-wax-enhancer-spray-tip
glazing-polish car-glaze
sonax-perfect-finish-liter sonax-perfect-finish-directions
carnauba-wax traditional-car-wax
3D Carnauba Paste Wax
Sale price$35.99

More on Polishes & Waxes

Polishes and waxes are essential for the final finishing and protection of a car. There are many different types of polishes and waxes available, each with its own set of benefits.

When it comes to polishes, there are three main types: abrasive, non-abrasive, and paste wax. Abusive polishes contain small particles that help to remove scratches and blemishes from the surface of a car. Non-abrasive polishes do not contain these particles, and are therefore less likely to cause further damage. Paste waxes are a type of non-abrasive polish that is applied using a cloth or sponge.

Waxes come in two main forms: liquid and paste. Liquid waxes are easy to apply and provide good protection against the elements. However, they can be difficult to remove if they are not buffed properly. Paste waxes provide better protection than liquid waxes, but can be difficult to apply correctly. They also need to be buffed properly in order to achieve the best results. Carnauba wax is a type of wax that is used to finish and protect cars. It comes in liquid form, and needs to be buffed properly in order to achieve the best results.