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stinger-d12-maxi-chemical-resistant-spray-head spray-head-only-d12
Maxi Spray Head
Sale price$2.99
acid-resistant-spray-head ht-320-ars-acid-resistant-spray-head-for-32-ounce-bottles
Acid-Resistant Spray Head
Sale price$2.99
jumbo-trigger-sprayer ht-3555cr-heavy-duty-jumbo-trigger-sprayer-chemical-resistant
hd-spray-head-for-32-ounce-bottles sm-arnold-trigger-spray-head-heavy-duty-92-702
Trigger Sprayer
Sale price$4.99
IK Multi TR 1 Spray Head
Sale price$4.25
Wax Flip Cap
Sale price$1.49
yellow-upside-down-spray-head sm-arnold-upside-down-spray-head-92-712
aerosol-can-gun-trigger-sprayer-85-004 aerosol-can-gun-tip
Aerosol Can Gun
Sale price$9.99

More on Spray Heads

Spray Heads provide an easy way to control the extraction of chemicals. These spray heads come in a variety of forms.
Common "Maxi" Spray heads - These are your standard spray heads that come with every bottle. These spray heads are not meant for products containing acid, but they will get you by on use with everyday cleaners, degreasers, dressings, etc.
Acid-Resistant Spray Heads- These spray heads are great for chemicals that contain acids, they are also heavy duty sprayers in comparison to the Maxi spray heads. 
Heavy-Duty Spray Heads - These come in multiple varieties and are great for using with acid chemicals or any chemical in the shop. These spray heads are also the largest we carry and have an exceptional handle when compared to other spray heads on the market.