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nanoskin-autoscrub-yellow-medium-grade-clay-mitt nanoskin-autoscrub-blue-fine-grade-clay-mitt
AutoScrub Clay Mitt
Sale price$49.99
purple-medium-grade-clay-bar-200-grams gray-medium-grade-clay-bar-100-grams
Medium Grade Clay Bar
Sale priceFrom $14.99
ultra-clay-scrubber-2-pack ultra-clay-scrubber
Ultra Clay Scrubber
Sale price$25.00
Fine Grade Clay Bar
Sale price$29.99
Clay Mitt
Sale price$24.95
6" Clay Pad
6" Clay Pad
Sale price$49.99
Clay Bar Container
Sale price$2.99
clay-disc-with-velcro-strap-back-view clay-disc-with-velcro-strap-on-hand
Clay Disc
Sale price$12.50
spray-detailer-clay-lube-16-ounces spray-detailer-clay-lube-16-ounces-back
3D Spray Detailer
Sale priceFrom $14.99
Paint Correction Pad
Sale price$39.99

More on Clay Solutions

Clay Bars
The benefit of clay bars are that they will remove all the contaminants off of the painted surface, many of which are nearly invisible to the naked eye! Clay Bars work optimally with a type of lubricant that will allow the bar to glide across the painted surface.

Clay Mitts & Applicators 
These products are designed to do everything that clay bars can do, but they have some sort of handling mechanism that makes them easier to control when crossing a vehicular surface. Another plus with clay mitts and applicators is that you don't have to spend the extra money on a lubricant, you can just use soapy water.