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pf22-foam-cannon-sprayer pf22-foam-cannon-assembly
stinger-chemicals-vinyl-leather-rubber-cleaner-and-conditioner-quart vinyl-cleaner-meguiars-40
ultra-air-blaster ultra-air-brush-cone
car-detailing-steamer steamer-kit
spray-applicator tire-dressing-sprayer
dash-dazzle-coating uncented-coating
watermelon-quick-detailer-spray quick-detailer-coating
The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus
garden-hose-sprayer garden-hose-foamer-kit
gator-magnetics-mega-hook power-cord-holder
MEGA Magnetic Open Hook
Sale price$24.99
gator-large-midi-hook gator-small-midi-hook
MIDI Magnetic Open Hook
Sale priceFrom $16.99
coating-gauge micrometer-coating-gauge
ninja-knife ninja-blade
Stainless Steel Ninja Knife
Sale price$11.95
squeegee-buffer custom-squeegee-buffer
orange-and-black-magnets speed-magnet-car-wrap
SpeedMag HD
Sale price$89.95
car-wrapping-red-tool tucking-wrap-tool
LacyTips HD
Sale price$45.95
janus-knife-system janus-system
Janus System All-In Set
Sale price$59.95
green-axe-for-wrapping car-wrap-tools
5-pack-platinum-squeegees car-wrapping-squeegee
vyper-lay-down-creeper body-shop-crawler
Vyper Lay Down Creeper
Sale price$595.00
electric-drum-pump green-drum-pump
tera-pump-electric-dispenser electric-drum-pump
TREDRUME Electric Drum Pump
Sale price$259.99
rupes-5-inch-cordless rupes-hlr-15-complete-kit
rupes-ibrid-21mm-polisher Rupes-hlr21-complete-kit

New Products & Sns auto supply

SNS Auto Supply one of the leaders in bringing in the newest, latest, and greatest detailing supplies and equipment to your operation. This section brings out the latest new products that have come through the door at SNS. These products are tested and brought in by the owners, and salesman specifically to increase the production and effectiveness of your detailing operation.

Checkout the wide selection of new products in the industry or new to SNS. This collection is constantly rotating and changing as the detailing industry has over the years.