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ultra-air-blaster ultra-air-brush-cone
terry-cloth-microfiber-all-purpose-towels-12-pack-green terry-cloth-microfiber-all-purpose-towels-12-pack-yellow
Microfiber Towels
Sale price$18.00
ultra-clay-scrubber-2-pack ultra-clay-scrubber
Ultra Clay Scrubber
Sale price$25.00
the-1500-gsm-ultimate-microfiber-drying-towel 1500-drying-towel-red
The 1500 Drying Towel
Sale price$23.00
Save $1.99
the-rag-company-orange-edgeless-pearl-12-pack edgeless-pearl-towels
The Edgeless Pearl Towels
Sale price$18.00 Regular price$19.99
the-gauntlet-drying-towel-with-black-border-3-pack the-gauntlet-drying-towel-with-black-border-2-pack
The Gauntlet Drying Towel
Sale priceFrom $19.00
liquid8r-microfiber-twist-loop-100-gsm-drying-towel-2-pack the-liquid8r-twist-pile-drying-towel-on-truck-hood
The Liquid8r Drying Towel
Sale priceFrom $16.00
large-grey-waffle-drying-towel waffle-drying-towel-weave-look
premium-edgeless-pearl-microfiber-towel-10-pack premium-edgeless-pearl-microfiber-towel-edge
Pearl Puck Applicators
Sale price$12.00
chenille-lime-green-wash-mitt best-car-wash-mitt
Chenille Car Wash Mitt
Sale price$12.00
cyclone-ultra-wash-mitt-with-cuff cyclone-wash-mitt-in-use
The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt
Sale price$13.00
the-9-towel-wolf-pack-drying-towels the-wolf-pack-drying-towels
The Wolf Pack Towels
Sale price$23.00
The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus
dmar-3-pack-navy-blue-waffle-towels navy-blue-waffle-towel
Dry Me A River Towels
Sale price$19.00
the-dryer-wolf-2-pack-detailing-towels the-dryer-wolf-buttersoft-wolf-border
The Dryer Wolf Towels
Sale price$28.00
spray-applicator tire-dressing-sprayer
ultra-black-sponge-with-cut-interior ultra-black-sponge-in-use
Ultra Black Sponge
Sale price$23.00
white-cotton-terry-all-purpose-towel white-cotton-terry-all-purpose-towel-close-up
Microfiber Terry Towels
Sale price$3.25
light-blue-waffle-towels-3-pack light-blue-waffle-drying-towel-microscope
creature-all-purpose-drying-towel-lime-green creature-all-purpose-drying-towel-ice-grey
Creature Edgeless Towels
Sale price$3.75
eagle-edgeless-500-drying-towels-orange orange-towel-wiping car
Eagle Edgeless 500 Towels
Sale price$23.00
purple-plush-towels eagle-edgeless-towels
Eagle Edgeless 350 Towels
Sale price$23.00
The Rag Company Ultra Air Engine Blaster The Rag Company Ultra Air Engine Blaster

Learn More About TRC

The Rag Company is a privately held Idaho-based company founded in 1999. Their commitment is to provide the finest quality microfiber products to wholesale and retail customers alike. To ensure your satisfaction they guarantee and ensure excellence in value and service. The partnerships they have established with Asian factories enable them to offer customers a large selection of standard and custom sizes and colors in a wide range of microfiber weaves.

In a rapidly expanding microfiber industry, The Rag Company is an established name you can trust! Their broad customer base include many of the nation's best known hotels, hospitals, cleaning and janitorial businesses, auto detailers, detailing product retailers/distributors, colleges and universities, spas and manufacturers.