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scangrip-head-lamp on-the-head-light
Scangrip I-View Headlamp
Sale price$62.00
large-under-hood-light interior-car-detailing-light
Scangrip-nova-r rechargable-flood-light
scangrip-uv-curing-scratch-repair-light UV-curing-light
Scangrip UV Light
Sale price$150.00
scangrip-tripod-stand detail-light-tripod
mag-pro-light LED-Detailing-Light
foldable-work-light scangrip-ultra-slim

Learn About Scangrip

SCANGRIP, established in 1906, is celebrated for its rich history of craftsmanship, innovation, and technological advancement in the field of LED work lights. With a mission to enhance professional users' workdays, SCANGRIP offers an extensive and robust range of LED work lights known for their power, durability, functionality, and user-friendliness. The company prioritizes innovation, advanced technology, and functionality, forming the foundation of its approach, dubbed "the SCANGRIP way". This philosophy ensures their products not only meet but exceed the demands of professional settings by offering added brightness, longer operation times, and additional features that significantly improve work efficiency.

The origin of SCANGRIP dates back to 1906 when Valdemar Jensen established a small blacksmith shop on Tåsinge island, Denmark, which evolved into a successful tool manufacturing business, notably for its invention of the SCANGRIP-pliers. Anders Borring's acquisition of the company in 1993 marked a turning point, focusing on addressing the inadequacies of traditional work lighting in automotive workshops with the introduction of LED technology. This innovation propelled SCANGRIP to become Europe's leading manufacturer of professional LED work lights.

In 2021, SCANGRIP joined the Hultafors Group, a global entity known for its premium brand portfolio in personal protection, tools, and equipment, promising continued growth and innovation. Together, they aim to further enhance the professional work environment with superior quality and innovative lighting solutions.