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SDS Bottle Labels SDS Bottle Labels
SDS Bottle Labels
Sale price$1.99
Tornador Repair Kit
Sale price$29.95
Tornador Weighted Tube
Sale price$19.95
IK Pro Series INOX Handle
Sale price$22.56
ik-foam-pro-12-and-multi-pro-9-12-air-connector foam-pro-12-1286
Tornador Black Rotation Set
Sale price$67.95
ik-pro-sprayer-series-complete-chamber-replacement 1254-part-guide-foamer
ik-foam-pro-12-air-connector-coupling IK Foam Pro Series Air Connector Coupling
IK Foam Pro 12 Nozzle Kit
Sale price$12.99
6-inch-backing-plate-for-lhr21-polishers fixing-a-rupes-backing-plate
Tornador Max Rotation Set
Sale price$75.95
Tornador Trigger Screw
Sale price$3.95
IK Foam Pro 2 Nozzle Kit
Sale price$9.99
Tornador Trigger Pin
Sale price$3.95
crusader-vacuum-plastic-crevice-tool-4042 crusader-vacuum-plastic-crevice-tool-4042-close-up
Crusader 12" Crevice Tool
Sale price$9.99
Crusader Vacuum Filter Bag
Sale price$54.99
1289-foam-pro-12-bag-of-mixers 1289-bag-of-mixers-part-guide
IK Foam Pro 12 Mixers
Sale price$12.49
PF 22.2 Replacement Bottle
Sale price$14.99
1252-ik-pro-series-tube 1252-foam-pro-tube-part-guide
Hydrojet Quick Couplers
Sale price$14.95

Learn About The Parts Shop

Auto detailing is a popular and growing industry, and as such, there is a growing demand for high-quality detailing parts and repair. Genuine replacement parts for automotive detailing equipment are essential for keeping your detailing operation running smoothly. Here at Detail Addictions, we carry a wide selection of quality detailing parts and repair tools to help you keep your business up and running.

Polishers are a key piece of equipment in any detailing operation, and it is important to have the right parts and accessories to keep them running smoothly. Here at Detail Addictions, we carry a wide selection of polisher parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your detailing operation. We carry everything from polisher pads and discs to polisher backing plates and adapters. We also carry a wide range of polisher accessories, including polishing compounds, buffing pads, and more. Whether you're looking for replacement parts or new accessories, we have what you need to keep your polishers running like new.

If you're looking for replacement parts or new accessories for your extractors or tornador tools, we have what you need. We carry everything from extraction nozzles and tips to extraction hoses and couplings. We also carry a wide range of tornador accessories, including replacement parts, bottles, nozzles, and more. Whether you're looking for replacement parts or new accessories, we have what you need to keep your extractors and tornador tools running like new.

In addition to polisher parts and accessories, we also carry a wide range of detailing parts and supplies to help you keep your shop items looking their best!