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nasiol-leather-cleaner foaming-leather-cleaner
Nasiol Foaming Leather Cleaner
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ppf-ceramic-coating paint-protection-film-coating
Nasiol PPF Guard Nano Ceramic Coating
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leather-coating-bottle leather-shield-coating
Nasiol Leather Boost Nano Coating
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glass-shield-coating windshield-ceramic-coating
Nasiol Glass Shield Rain Repellent
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nasiol-trimcoat trimcoat-stats
Nasiol TrimCoat Nano Ceramic Coating
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zr53-3-year-coating nasiol-nano-coating
Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating
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nl272-coating-bottle nl-272-informational
Nasiol NL272 Nano Ceramic Coating
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More on Nasiol

Nasiol is the registered trademark of Artekya Ltd. Co., which is the main and pioneer manufacturer of protective nano coatings materials in Turkey and Europe.

Artekya is an off-shoot of Istanbul Technical University’s NanoFMG Group, which has studied nanotechnology since 2005. The group collaborated on many projects with the government. From then to the present, Artekya has accomplished and continues to develop effective and innovative products for commercial and easy-spray household use under the brand Nasiol.

Our high-quality technology which we call it "Smart Silis Tech" means economy in the consumption of raw materials and leads to less environmental impact while increasing performance. Smart Silis technology provides easy cleaning, hydrophobicity, and protection on all kind of surfaces that is developed with ultra-thin SiO2-based nano-coatings.

History and Achievements

The company was founded in 2008, an R&D company working on nano spinning techniques and machines, the first and only in Turkey, and amongst only three others in the world. In 2012, R&D on protective nano coatings started and NanoFMG Group changed its name to Artekya. Under Artekya, we created the brand Nasiol for our liquid nanocoatings, the first-ever manufactured in the country. Explore our milestones below.