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rupes-complete-dust-extraction-system-with-2-skorpio-sanders rupes-complete-dust-extraction-system-with-2-skorpio-sanders-connected
RUPES S245 Professional Sanding System
Sale priceFrom $1,539.00
rupes-slp41a-pneumatic-sander body-shop-sander-rupes-slp41a
re21aln-rupes-pneumatic-sander re21aln-rupes-body-shop-sander
rupes-skorpio-mark-3-pneumatic-sander-3-mm-orbit-non-vac rupes-skorpio-mark-3-pneumatic-sander-3-mm-orbit-self-vac
RA75A Pneumatic Palm Sander
Sale price$325.00
30MM Pneumatic Mini Sander
Sale price$209.00

More on Pneumatic Sanders

When it comes to sanding down a car body for paint, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different shops will have their own favored methods and pieces of sanding equipment, depending on the size and shape of the vehicle being worked on, as well as the desired finish. However, there are some general tips that can be followed to get the best results.

Pneumatic Sanders (I.E. sanders that require a pressurized air hookup) are great for shops that do a lot of sanding and have industrial air hookups. No doubt the Pneumatic Sanders we carry can handle any detailing job. A couple things to keep in mind when buying would be the type of air compressor you currently have and the jobs that this sander will encounter!