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Microfiber Glass Towels
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200' Roll of Carpet Film
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Uro-fiber Pads
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Uro-Fiber Finishing Pads
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Learn About buff and shine

Since 1987, Buff and Shine Manufacturing takes a comprehensive approach to the world of buffing pad production and has an impeccable reputation for producing consistently high-quality products that are durable and highly functional across multiple surface perfection situations.  The company prides itself on its responsiveness to the industry by constantly improving products based on user feedback and designing new products to keep up with industry trends.

Back in the 1980s, Richard Umbrell heard his father, owner of a prominent car wash chemical manufacturing company, complain about the quality of buffing pads.  The pads simply fell apart too quickly.  Richard's entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he began a quest to improve pad design.  He started with the pads that were available at the time and committed early on to building a better pad.  Buff and Shine Manufacturing was thus born in 1987.

One-by-one, pads were built and tested in the local region.  Richard took the time to work with customers and end users to determine how to improve pads.  A natural-born tinkerer, Richard built his own pad manufacturing equipment and improved and continues to improve that machinery to ensure that each machine yields only high-quality products.

With an early commitment to quality production and responsiveness to customer feedback, Buff and Shine quickly gained a reputation for high quality pads and soon the company boasted a nationwide and eventually its current worldwide audience of customers and end users.  Because Buff and Shine has a team of highly-qualified designers and manufacturing technicians, the company is able to adjust to new design requests, the introduction of new pad materials, and the latest in buffing technology.