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rupes-3-inch-backing-plate-with-screw velcro-backing-plate-close-up
RUPES 3" Backing Plate
Sale price$28.00
eccentric-assembly-lhr75 rupes-eccentric-part-guide
lhr75-nut-assembly nut-assembly-part-guide
handle-assembly-lhr75 rupes-handle-part-guide
RUPES LHR75 Handle Cover
Sale price$20.00
lhr75-switch-lever lhr75-lever-part-guide
RUPES LHR75 Switch Lever
Sale price$26.00
motor-body-3-inch-polisher motor-body-part-guide-3-inch
RUPES LHR75 Motor Body
Sale price$38.00
lhr75-valve-assembly air-tool-valve-parts
RUPES LHR75 Valve Assembly
Sale price$15.00
air-exhaust-assembly-rupes-tools rupes-air-exhaust-parts-guide
RUPES Air Exhaust Assembly
Sale price$18.00
air-motor-assembly-lhr75 rupes-air-mtor-part-guide
RUPES Air Motor Assembly
Sale price$141.00
lhr75-front-cap lhr75-front-cap-part-guide
RUPES LHR75 Front Cap
Sale price$15.00
rupes-zinc-screw zinc-screw-parts-guide
rupes-air-inlet-assembly air-inlet-assembly-skorpio-part-guide

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Here at SNS Auto Supply, we carry a wide selection of additional polisher parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your detailing operation. These products from RUPES are genuine replacement parts for the LHR75 Pneumatic Polisher!