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rupes-slp41a-pneumatic-sander body-shop-sander-rupes-slp41a
re21aln-rupes-pneumatic-sander re21aln-rupes-body-shop-sander
rupes-skorpio-mark-3-pneumatic-sander-3-mm-orbit-non-vac rupes-skorpio-mark-3-pneumatic-sander-3-mm-orbit-self-vac
rupes-complete-dust-extraction-system-with-2-skorpio-sanders rupes-complete-dust-extraction-system-with-2-skorpio-sanders-connected
RUPES S245 Professional Sanding System
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RA75A Pneumatic Palm Sander
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30MM Pneumatic Mini Sander
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hss73-mini-ibrid-delta-sander-starter-kit hss73-mini-ibrid-delta-sander
hss73-mini-ibrid-cordless-delta-style-sander-complete-kit hss73-mini-ibrid-cordless-delta-style-sander
hsr73-mini-ibrid-3-inch-sander-starter-kit hsr73-mini-ibrid-3-inch-sander
hsr73-mini-ibrid-round-sander-complete-kit hsr73-mini-ibrid-round-sander-125-mm
hse73-mini-ibrid-sander-starter-kit hse73-mini-ibrid-sanding-tool-80-x-130-mm
hse73-mini-ibrid-sander-complete-kit hse73-mini-ibrid-sander-80-x-130-mm
Palm Sander
Sale price$19.99

More on Sanders

When it comes to sanding down a car body for paint, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different shops will have their own favored methods and pieces of sanding equipment, depending on the size and shape of the vehicle being worked on, as well as the desired finish. However, there are some general tips that can be followed to get the best results.

One important factor is choosing the right sandpaper for the job. Coarse sandpaper should be used for removing large amounts of material quickly, while finer grades can be used for more detailed work or a smoother finish. Always sand in the direction of the grain where possible, and use light pressure to avoid damaging the surface underneath.

In addition, different types of sanders can be useful for different parts of the bodywork process. Orbital sanders are good for larger areas, while belt sanders are better for tougher jobs like removing paint or rust. Detail sanders can be used for smaller areas and tight corners. With a little practice and some careful thought about what each tool can do, any car body shop can become a master at sanding down vehicles ready for paintwork.