0-1500 Grit Sanding Pads & Discs



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super-assilex-3-inch-sanding-discs-1200-grit super-assilex-3-inch-sanding-discs-600-grit
kovax-sandpaper-3-inch-2500-grit-blue-sanding-discs-with-interface-pad kovax-sandpaper-3-inch-3000-grit-black-sanding-discs-with-interface-pad
Kovax 3" Mini Super Tack Discs
Sale priceFrom $33.99
super-assilex-wet-and-dry-sanding-sheets-1500-grit super-assilex-wet-and-dry-sanding-sheets-800-grit
Super Assilex Sheets
Sale price$64.99
Tolecut Stick-On Disc Kit
Sale price$31.99
Magic Sanding Disc
Sale price$65.99
super-assilex-abrasive-6-inch-sanding-discs-800-grit super-assilex-abrasive-6-inch-sanding-discs-1500-grit
Super Assilex 6" Discs
Sale price$61.99

More on 0-1500 Grit Sanding Pads & Discs

This section contains discs and pads of the 0-1500 GRIT variety. The lower the GRIT on the sandpaper the more abrasion will yield against the surface of your car, and likewise the higher the GRIT the less abrasion will be against your surface. So for the finer finishing jobs look to 3000+ and for the more coarse jobs look at 1500 and below, or this section here!