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FLEX Battery Charger
Sale price$99.99
FLEX 12V Battery
Sale price$89.99
pxe80-flexible-shaft-set-complete pxe80-flexible-shaft-set-complete-on-desk
PXE80 Flexible Shaft Set
Sale price$299.99
flex-pxe80-3-inch-velcro-backing-plate velcro-backing-plate-close-up
flex-pxe80-1-inch-velcro-backing-plate PXE80 1" Velcro Backing Plate

More on PXE80 Parts

Polishers are a key piece of equipment in any detailing operation, and it is important to have the right parts and accessories to keep them running smoothly. The Flex PXE80 is a cordless, brushless buffer that is a major game changer in the business of vehicle spot repair! The kit comes with a charger, multiple batteries and quick coupler system. The quick change makes going from 3" to 1" or buffing to sanding a breeze. No more unscrewing backing plates, go from rotary to orbital in a matter of the switch of a drive, easy, simple, and effective!

Here at SNS Auto Supply, we carry a wide selection of additional polisher parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your detailing operation. These products from FLEX are genuine replacement parts for the FLEX buffing systems.