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ik-multi-1-point-5-liter-acid-resistant-sprayer ik-multi-sprayer-additional-tip
IK Multi 1.5 Sprayer
Sale price$30.78
IK Multi Pro 9 Sprayer
Sale price$92.98
foam-pro-2-chemical-handheld-sprayer foam-pro-2-components
IK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer
Sale price$38.54
ik-multi-trigger-sprayer-with-1-liter-bottle-front ik-multi-trigger-sprayer-with-1-liter-bottle-back
IK Multi TR 1 Sprayer
Sale price$13.02
IK Multi Pro 12 Sprayer
Sale price$104.40
IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer
Sale price$121.94
multi-pro-2-sprayer-81671 multi-pro-2-sprayer-in-effect
IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer
Sale price$36.27
IK-multi-trigger-sprayer-mini-with-360-degree-spraying-front IK-multi-trigger-sprayer-mini-with-360-degree-spraying-back
IK E-Foam Pro 12 Sprayer
Sale price$255.00
IK Foam Pro 2 Plus
Sale price$48.18

Learn About the Goizper Group

IK Sprayers is the brand of the Spraying business of the Goizper Group cooperative aimed at the industrial sectors. Since the foundation of our company, they have offered safe, resistant and innovative products in the most professional segments: Construction, Cleaning & Disinfection, Industry & Maintenance, Automotive & Car Detailing, Virus and Epidemic Control, Public Health, Pest Control, and Food Industry. Manufacturers of sprayers with an important track record, backed by more than 60 years of experience and work in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, accredited by external auditors in periodic reviews.

IK is a brand focused on the customer, on achievement, change, innovation and on the personal development of its participants. Their philosophy when designing new solutions seeks to understand the needs of users and capture the shortcomings of the market, in order to develop products that can better resolve their problems, make their work easier, and allow them to evolve. These products are manufactured using carefully selected materials that offer maximum resistance in order to meet the requirements of a professional tool.

Their strategy is based on the continuous development of spraying solutions that provide a high added value and allow us to be closer to our users, strengthening our position in the global market.