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zirconite-quartz-zq9h-nano-coating-50ml-bottle zirconite-quartz-zq9h-nano-coating-30ml-complete-kit
Zirconite ZQ9h Quartz Coating
Sale priceFrom $79.99
Zirconite Panel Prep
Sale price$19.99
zirconite-zc-boosta-50ml-ceramic-coating-booster zirconite-zc-boosta-50ml-ceramic-coating-booster-complete-kit
Zirconite ZC Ceramic Boosta
Sale price$49.99
zirconite-ultimate-leather-shield-kit-complete-150-milliliter The-ultimate-leather-shield-chemical-150-ml-bottle
zirconite-fabric-protector-hydrophobic-coating-300-milliliters carpet-shield-spray
Zirconite Fabric Protector
Sale priceFrom $29.99
zirconite-zq5-4-year-quartz-nano-coating-for-tire-rims zirconite-zq5-4-year-quartz-nano-coating-for-tire-rims-15-ml-kit
Zirconite ZQ5 Quartz Rim Coating
Sale priceFrom $49.99
Zirconite Bead Magik
Sale price$34.99

Learn About Concept Chemicals

Concept Chemicals is a Manchester chemical company designing some of the best nano-coating and paint correction products on the market today. SNS is happy to be one of the few carriers of Concept Chemicals products in the United States! The bead itself consists of the paint correction line named "SurFACE" where you can find chemicals such at P12 Correction Compound and P40 Polish. Zirconite is the coating line from Concept Chemicals. This line consists of their 3-5 year ZQ9h Ceramic Nano-coating and the ZG-365 Graphene infused spray sealant.

Known for their patented "lotus-leaf" hydrophobic beading action, Concept Chemicals is one of the fastest growing chemicals in the SNS line. Product that is worth the try and you will be amazed with the results!

Concept Chemicals is aimed at the world-wide trade cleaning conditioning and appearance market, the brand has a vast range of proven products that provide effective solutions for everyone from dealerships and detail bays right through to de-fleet operations, car rental/hire, dealerships and transport.