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p02-waffle-foam-8-inch-polishing-pad-for-rotary p02-waffle-foam-8-inch-polishing-pad-close-up
8" Light Blue Polishing Pad
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waffle-foam-cutting-pad-8-inch-green-cutting-pad-for-rotary waffle-foam-cutting-pad-8-inch-green-cutting-pad-close-up

More on Waffle Pads

Waffle buffing pads are a type of buffing pad that is made of foam. They are used to apply polishes and waxes to the paint. Waffle buffing pads come in a variety of sizes, and they are usually attached to a rotary buffer. They can be used on both metal and plastic surfaces. Waffle buffing pads are less expensive than other types of buffing pads, but they are not as effective at removing swirl marks and scratches.