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Microfiber Detergent
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Microfiber Towel Detergent

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Scent: Fragrance Free
Dilution Directions [

  • Dilute to Desired Strength - Up to 2 ounces per load.

Available Size(s) :

  • Quart.

Content(s) : 1 Container.

Microfiber Towels Revived

Microfiber Towel Detergent from Detail Addictions is a powerful and straightforward laundry solution designed to restore the micro-fibers found in towels today. This detergent is used to refresh a variety of fabrics, including clothes, microfiber towels, and more. This concentrated liquid detergent is available in an easy-measure container that does all the measuring-per-load for you!


Fabric Rejuvenation: Specially formulated to restore microfiber towels and other fabrics to a next-to-new state, ensuring they look and feel refreshed.

💪 Breaks Down Build-Up: Contains special cleaners that effectively break down and remove dressings, drying agents, waxes, coatings, and other sealant materials that may accumulate on towels.

🧼 Versatile Application: Suitable for use on microfiber towels and various fabricated materials, making it a versatile detergent for different cleaning tasks including buffing pad cleaning!

🔄 Removes Water Repellency: Ideal for addressing build-up on microfiber towels, preventing them from drying effectively and restoring their water-absorbing capabilities.


This Microfiber Detergent is made for safe use with residential and commercial washer units.

  1.  PRIOR TO WASHING: Presoak heavily soiled or hydrophobic towels in a bucket of warm water with 1-2 ounces of Microfiber Detergent.
  2. Load your dirty microfiber towels into the washing machine. Make sure to separate towels by color and keep free from other cloth or lint-containing fabrics.
  3. Add 1-2 ounces per load depending on how soiled the towels are. Rinse in COLD to WARM water.
  4. AFTER WASHING: Dry the towels on LOW to NO heat in a drying unit or hand the towel up to air dry.
  5. For extremely stubborn residues, repeat the process.
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Shipping & Returns

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Fast Shipping

Orders place before 1 p.m. will ship same day!

Any orders over $75 will ship free and the discount will automatically apply at checkout!

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Each chemical product comes with a customer preferred dilution ratio. Gathered from the most popular ratios to use. There is also the manufacturer recommended dilution ratio. See how to mix ratios here.

Currently, we do not offer discounts in bulk quantities. This will be a future feature of our store.

General Recommendation*

Microfiber - Cutting
Wool - Both Cut & Polish
Foam - Polishing

All Sizing is based off of backing plates. The most popular plates are 3", 5", 6" and 8" [Standard Rotary].

Ranges are as Follows:
1" = 30-40mm
2" = 50-70mm
3" = 80-100mm
5" = 130-150mm
6" = 160-180mm
8" = 200mm +


No, we currently only ship to the continental US. Dealerships, hobbyists, and detail shops in Hawaii and Alaska can still contact us for servicing in their area. Additional shipping costs will apply, and will be added to the order.

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