Colad M80 Undercoating

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Colad M80 Undercoating


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Scent: Fragrance Free
Dilution Directions [

  • No Dilution Necessary. Ready to use.

Available Size(s) :

  • 1 Liter.

Content(s) : 1 Can.

Advanced Protection for Under Vehicle

Undercoating M80 stands out as a state-of-the-art protective coating designed with a blend of rubber, resins, and advanced materials. This versatile coating offers exceptional protection against various climatic influences, gravel, and stone chips. Here are the key features and technical specifications of Undercoating M80:


🛡️ Excellent Protection: Undercoating M80 provides excellent protection against climatic influences, spray water, abrasion, and the impact of gravel and stone chips. It acts as a robust shield, safeguarding the vehicle's surfaces.

🎨 Paintable Coating: After drying, the coating becomes paintable, allowing for further customization and refinishing. This paintable feature adds versatility to the application, enabling seamless integration with the vehicle's aesthetics.

Long Lifespan: Once applied to the vehicle surface, Undercoating M80 boasts a lifespan of a little over two years. The durability is subject to external factors, including the vehicle's exposure to environmental elements and the specific location of the coating on the vehicle.

Technical Specifications:

📦 Packaging:

  • 1 L. tin with spray connection
  • Packaging Unit: Box of 12 x 1 L.

📅 Shelf Life: 2 years (store between 10°C and 20°C)

🚗 Usage: ± 0.7 kg/m2 or ± 0.7 litre/m2

🧪 Basic Material: Solvents, resins, rubbers, and fillers

🎚️ Consistency: Liquid, good sag resistance

🌡️ Temperature Resistance (Cured): -25°C to +80°C

🛡️ Resistance (Cured): Water, salt spray, oil, soft bases, and acids

🕰️ Drying Times (20°C, 65% RH):

  • Dry to touch: Approximately 45 minutes (±700 μ wet)
  • Completely dried: Approximately 2 hours (±700 μ wet)
  • Forced drying (60°C): Approximately 45 minutes (± 700 μ wet)

🖌️ Paintability (20°C, 65% RH):

  • 2-component high solids: Possible after drying, primer recommended
  • Base coat system: Possible after drying
  • Water-based system: Possible after drying

🌐 Salt Spray Test (DIN 50021):

  • Up to 480 hours, Ri 0 at 350 μ dry layer thickness
  • Up to 720 hours, Ri 0 at 350 μ dry + paint

🏞️ Gravel Test (SAE-J400 Method): 6A – 6B at 350 μ dry layer thickness

🔄 Bending Test (DIN 53152):

  • +70°C: No cracks, no loss of adhesion
  • -30°C: Minor cracks, no loss of adhesion

Substrates: Undercoating M80 adheres well (without pretreatment) to a wide range of clean, dry, dust- and grease-free substrates. It is advisable to perform an adhesion test before starting.

Undercoating M80 is the epitome of advanced protective coatings, providing a robust shield against environmental factors and maintaining a paintable surface for further customization. Elevate your vehicle protection with the durability and versatility of Undercoating M80.

    Preparation and Application of Undercoating M80

    • Can be applied as stone chip and anti-corrosion coating
    • On bumpers, front and rear aprons, doorsills and chassis. And as a sound-deadening product in wheel-housings
    • For cars, trucks and coaches. Shake well before use!
    • The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry, rust-, dust- and grease free 
    • Can be applied by an Undercoating Spray Gun with an air-pressure of 3-6 bar 
    • Recoated without bleeding 
    • Over-painted (depending on the layer thickness, temperature and humidity), after about 60 to 90 minutes, with most of the commonly used conventional 2K- and base coat lacquers. When a 2Klacquer is used, we advise to first use a layer of primer and to paint over after this layer has completely dried 
    • Optimum spraying distance: 30 cm.
    • Cleaning contaminated surfaces and equipment: in ‘fresh’ condition with solvents 
    Download the SDS

    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping & Returns

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    Fast Shipping

    Orders place before 1 p.m. will ship same day!

    Any orders over $75 will ship free and the discount will automatically apply at checkout!

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    Additional Detailer Resources

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Questions Straight From Our Customers

    Each chemical product comes with a customer preferred dilution ratio. Gathered from the most popular ratios to use. There is also the manufacturer recommended dilution ratio. See how to mix ratios here.

    Currently, we do not offer discounts in bulk quantities. This will be a future feature of our store.

    General Recommendation*

    Microfiber - Cutting
    Wool - Both Cut & Polish
    Foam - Polishing

    All Sizing is based off of backing plates. The most popular plates are 3", 5", 6" and 8" [Standard Rotary].

    Ranges are as Follows:
    1" = 30-40mm
    2" = 50-70mm
    3" = 80-100mm
    5" = 130-150mm
    6" = 160-180mm
    8" = 200mm +


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