Sema Day 2 Recap: Lots of Places & New Faces

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SEMA 2023 Day 2 brought just as many exciting and innovating things as Day 1. SNS kicked the day off touring the North and South halls while taking in a few burnout demonstrations along the way. It was another great day talking to not only future vendors, but also many of our current vendors as well. This day was filled with another 10+ miles of walking, but rest assured our staff did not miss a single booth at these halls.


If you are a body shop, or PDR specialist you will really enjoy some of the new and exciting things we are bringing to SNS in the near future. Some of the most useful tools and accessories on the market today will make the ways through the SNS doors. 

Throughout the first two days we have been working diligently and efficiently to find the most useful and exciting items to bring to our customers. In doing so we have made plenty of great business relationships that we hope to foster into further aiding our customers in finding everything they need to successfully run their business.

Thank you for reading the Day 2 update, make sure to follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on future SEMA updates.

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