FAQs: Stinger Chemical Black Scorpion Degreaser

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Black Scorpion Degreaser is one of our best-selling products we have on the market today. Sold to everyone in the united states whether you are a body shop or rural farmer this product has a use in your hands. Single Handedly this degreaser can wipe an entire engine bay of any dust or residue as well as clean and degrease heavy machinery down to looking brand new. This product has a multitude of uses, but its popularity comes with many questions, hopefully this blog is able to help get to the answers.

Is it safe to use on interiors or the inside of your house?

Yes, black scorpion degreaser is safe to use on both exteriors and interior of vehicles and homes.

How is it different from the degreaser on other retail shelves?

 Our Black Scorpion is an intense formula that is specifically formulated to handle interior and exterior cleaning. This formula and its versatility are what makes Black Scorpion truly special.

Does it harm leather interiors?

Black scorpion is not great for use on leather interiors, being a degreaser it is better for use on vinyl surfaces than it is for use on leather surfaces. However, with the correct mixture it can be diluted down to be safe for use on leather.

Why am I experiencing small chemical burn when using this product?

Always, always, always make sure the product is being used at a proper dilution rate. Any dilutable chemical will have some chemical burn to it when it is not used properly, i.e. diluted to appropriate strength. Check the label in the back or call us to find out proper dilution ratios. For Black Scorpion we recommend 1:3 or 1:4 for heavy degreasing and up to 1:40 for light interiors. Quarts come already diluted at 1:3!

Can I buy this on amazon?

No black scorpion is available on our retail website and its one-of-a-kind formula can only be purchased through local distributers.

Is it VOC compliant?

Yes, Black Scorpion is VOC compliant.

What smell does it have?

Black Scorpion is black cherry scented.

Can I dilute the product?

Our product does come pre-diluted, but one of the great things about Black Scorpion is that it is a water starved chemical and that it can be diluted down even more than the package it comes in. For lighter degreasing diluting is recommended; however, the customer can dilute the chemical to fit their desired job at hand.

These are the most popular questions we have come across in relation to Black Scorpion Degreaser. This degreaser remains one of the best and strongest degreasers on the market today. Its formulation and effectiveness will have it on the market for many years to come. 

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