EdgeGuard Buffing Pads from Buff and Shine

EdgeGuard Buffing Pads

When it comes to car detailing and paint correction in particular, the right pads can and will make all the difference. That's why we carry pads made in the USA from Buff and Shine Manufacturing. Buff and Shine is renowned for producing some of the best pads in the industry, and has once again raised the bar with their revolutionary new EdgeGuard Pads. Designed with both safety and functionality in mind, these pads are set to transform your detailing experience and deliver the high-quality results you come to expect with Buff and Shine products.

Why EdgeGuard Pads Stand Out

Buff and Shine’s EdgeGuard Pads are not just another addition to the market; they are a game-changer. One of the first things you will notice when using a Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Pad is the ease of application the pad has with the hook and loop backing plate. These pads are self-centering which means that you never need to apply a pad to a backing plate twice ever again! Another reason EdgeGuard Pads stand out is the guard between the pad and backing plate that the pad name stems from. This guard doubles as a backing plate protector as well as a grip to ease in taking the pad off. What makes these pads stand out right away are these two reasons and they also make the pads last longer due to the ease of application and removal to the backing plate.


Diving into the EdgeGuard Design

One of the standout features of EdgeGuard Pads is their unique design, which includes a recessed backing plate and raised edge. This construction allows the backing plate to sit inside the pad, significantly reducing the risk of accidental damage. Whether you’re working on intricate body panels or tight areas, EdgeGuard Pads provide the peace of mind that your vehicle's finish is protected.

Versatile Pad Performance

EdgeGuard Pads are crafted with premium quality foam, ensuring optimal performance and cutting power. They come in a variety of types to meet all your detailing needs:

Heavy Cut: Blue Heavy Cutting Pad for tackling severe paint defects.
Medium Cut: Maroon Medium Cutting Pad for moderate imperfections.
Heavy Polish: Blueberry Heavy Polishing Pad, perfect for removing medium to light swirls and scratches.
Standard Polishing: Yellow Polishing Pad for a flawless finish.
Light Polishing/Finishing: White Finishing Pad for that final touch.
Final Polish/Finishing: Black Final Finishing Pad for the ultimate glossy finish.

We believe the best lineup of pads is Maroon, Blueberry, Yellow, and Black. That Order of 4 Pads will get you through any detailing job you have. Step up to a wool pad for extra cutting power if needed.

Adaptable to Any Compound or Polisher

No matter what type of polisher you use, EdgeGuard Pads have got you covered. They work seamlessly with 8mm, 15mm, 21mm, and gear-driven machines, making them a versatile choice for any detailing professional or enthusiast. Plus, they are compatible with any polish or compound, giving you the flexibility to achieve the desired finish.

EdgeGuard is Built to Last

Durability is another hallmark of EdgeGuard Pads. The breathable, thermally sealed polymer pocket and protective foam shield extend the lifespan of the pads, allowing for tear-free removal and consistent performance over time. This durability ensures you get the most out of your investment. The EZ Centering feature further ensures perfect pad alignment every time, enhancing precision and control.


Perfect for All Applications

Buff and Shine has designed these pads with various applications in mind. Whether you’re working on automotive, aviation, industrial, marine, or reconditioning projects, EdgeGuard Pads deliver professional results every time. Their meticulous design and manufacturing reflect Buff and Shine’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of foam, wool, and microfiber buffing pads. EdgeGuard Pads are a must-have for anyone serious about achieving the best results. Their innovative design, superior performance, and unmatched durability make them a standout choice in the world of paint correction. Don't settle for less when you can maximize your detailing game with EdgeGuard Pads.

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