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30" Neoprene Floor Squeegee
Sale price$31.99
Superflex Water Blade
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X-Treme Pro Series Wash Brushes
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Water Sprite
Sale price$29.99
Dragon Glide Chamois
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Microfiber Wax Applicator
Sale price$3.99
Trigger Sprayer
Sale price$4.99
SM Arnold Turbo Clean
Sale price$8.99
Horse Hair Upholstery Brush
Sale price$11.99
Wax Flip Cap
Sale price$1.49
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Turtleback Sponge
Sale price$2.99
Chamois Wringer
Sale price$199.99
SM Arnold Turbo Shine
Sale price$8.99

Learn About SM Arnold

Sandy Arnold began the tradition of fine cleaning accessories in 1928 by offering exceptional chamois and high quality sponges through S.M. Arnold, Inc. He was known throughout the industry as “The Little man with The Big Grip” and was a leader in developing cleaning accessories! Sandy Arnold’s legacy has continued into its fifth generation of being family owned and operated. S.M. Arnold, Inc., a manufacturer and importer of quality cleaning maintenance accessories, is dedicated to delivering the best quality chamois, wash mitts, buffing and polishing pads, applicators, sponges, microfibers, brushes, brooms and much more!

S.M. Arnold, Inc. offers the most extensive line of cleaning maintenance accessories in the United States for the professional, industrial and consumer markets. S.M. Arnold, Inc. firmly believes in the diversification of its line of cleaning products. Many of the products that we distribute are manufactured here at S.M. Arnold, Inc., centrally located in St. Louis, MO.

The 1920's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. was founded in 1928 by Sanford Arnold - known throughout the industry as "Sandy". He specialized in the sale of chamois and natural sponges to distributors, hardware stores, general stores, and drug stores.

The 1930's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. expanded their product line by manufacturing lambswool polishing bonnets and discs.

The 1940's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. included cellulose sponges and polishing and compounding discs into their product line. Also, S.M. Arnold, Inc. became the first company to manufacture lambswool wash mitts.

The 1950's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. added poly sponges and began manufacturing windshield bug sponges, scrubber sponges and synthetic wash mitts.

The 1960's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. was firmly established as a leading manufacturer and distributor of car care products (non-chemical).

The 1970's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. introduced Water Sprite® the superior PVA drying cloth. S. M. Arnold also added window squeegees and brushes to their product line.

The 1980's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. established a new knitting mill to manufacture polishing cloth, cheesecloth, chenille, terry knit towels and red shop towels.

The 1990's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. installed a compounding and polishing pad production department, expanding the product line. S.M. Arnold, Inc. also began the manufacturing of both professional and retail brushes in its full line brush department.

The 2000's - S.M. Arnold, Inc., celebrated its 80th year in business this decade! We launched Marine Master™ - marine cleaning accessories, Sweep Master™ - extensive selection of brooms and brushes, Educator’s Cleaning Tools™, and S.M. Arnold Select™! In addition, we added many unique products - Rubble Film™, Headlight/Taillight Polish Kit and new double-sided foam pads.

The 2010's - S.M. Arnold, Inc., celebrated its 90th year in business. We added the Velocity™ LT orbital polishers and pads, ice scrapers and snow brooms, Speedy Surface Prep®, Speedy Super Foamer™, Five-Level brushes, Lock in Place™ brush and handle system, aerosol refinishers, coatings, cleaners and odor foggers, the OnePass® Waterblades®, Scuff Away®, Scrub Away™ and the Speedy Stone™!

The 2020's - S.M. Arnold, Inc. launched Brite ‘N Up™, a complete assortment of sponges and scrubbers for the janitorial, institutional, home and auto markets. We introduced BluGator® The Seatbelt Brush™ an innovative tool for detailers to clean seatbelts! We brought to you the wonderful new drying PVA Water Sprite® Zippy Drier™, Speedy Drier™ and Elite Drier™ and the amazingly soft cleaning, washing and drying non-woven Dragon Glide®. New for 2023 is our specialty ceramic coating applicator and our tire dressing applicator. When it Comes to Cleaning Care Products... We Shine! S. M. Arnold, Inc. firmly believes in the diversification of its line of cleaning products. Our goal is to enable our customers to sell quality products at competitive prices, attractively packaged and well merchandised.